Basic Crochet Stitches for Beginners

It is interesting how most of the people spend their leisure time. You can utilize your free time in productive hobbies such as crochet. Crochet involves creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, strands, and thread using a crochet hook to produce some artistic work such as a scarf. The best thing about crochet is that you do not need to know complex stitches to start. All you need is to learn how to make a crochet chain and a slip stitch and you are started. This is a simple lesson on how to make basic crochet stitches for a beginner.


Slip Knot

The very first crochet stitch is done on a slip knot using a finger. The procedure of making it is easy and simple. You need to grasp the yarn from the free end and enfold it on the index finger on the left hand then crochet over and under until you form the shape for your work. The original yarn should remain on the right while the free end should always be on the left. Pull down the open end and the last part that is attached to the skein. Move the finger from the knot after pulling the original yarn, and crossing over the free end to tighten the knot.


Chain stitch abbreviated as “CH.”


It is also referred as starting chain, base chain or foundation chain when a grouping at the beginning of crochet. It is a series of chain stitches that begin with a loop that is protected by a slipknot. It is the extra chains that move you up to the subsequent rows. It is the most basic crochet stitch that is frequently used at the beginning of crochet work. It is comparable to casting in knitting.


The yarn is wrapped over the crochet hook in an anticlockwise direction. It is also made by holding the yarn and moving it around the hook.


Pull the yarn through the crochet to form a new loop carefully not to tighten the previous stitch.  Note that the number of chains depends on the length of the base chain. Shift the position of the left hand after a few stitches to avoid staining.


Turning chain


This stitch is used at the beginning of every new row. The length of a turning stitch depends on the number of stitches that will be used in that row. The number of turning stitches is also determined by the type of thread or yarn used, for example, a double crochet row starts with a minimum of three chains.


The turning chain depends on the pattern of the crochet work; therefore, the length varies. A single crochet need one chain; double crochet requires three chains and so on. When you attain the reasonable size of the turning chain, you need to flip your work. Flipping changes, the direction of the crochet by rotating.




Having known how to make a slip knot, chain stitch and turning stitch is an excellent step in crochet work. Grab your crochet hook and start making productive fun. You can never go wrong in trying crochet. If not, check our paper craft ideas for adults!